ILS Integration

About ILS Integration

Currently only Koha is implemented, but interactions with other ILSes could be added in the future.


Vendors can be synchronized between Coral and Koha. To enable this feature, you have to edit the [ils] section in organizations/admin/configuration.ini:

# If you want to use OAuth:
  • ilsConnector is the name of the ILS you want to connect to.
  • ilsVendorRole is the Coral organization role you want to map with Koha vendors.
  • ilsApiUrl is Koha’s API address.
  • ilsAdminUrl is Koha’s intranet address.

If your koha version supports OAuth authentication for the REST API, you can enable it using oauthid and oauthsecret.

Once enabled, you can search for an existing vendor in Koha when creating an organization in Coral:

Vendor does not exist in koha

If the vendor does not already exist in Koha, it will be added if the vendor role has been selected.

If the vendor already exists in Koha, we can automatically retrieve its informations:

Vendor exists in koha Vendor is retrieved from koha

In both cases, the vendor can no longer be modified in Coral, as the ILS is authoritative.

Once the Coral organization and the Koha vendor are linked, a link to open the vendor in Koha is displayed: Vendor in Coral