Website 2015 SuggestionsΒΆ

Some suggestions TBD, for the new website:

  1. sea animals : have them consistent (the green one for example, look left on top, and right at bottom)
  2. copyright : update the footer, switching to “Copyright 2015 Coral Steering Commitee”, adding a page presenting the CSC.
  3. removing the “contact us” at the bottom (replacing it with #4)
  4. adding a support page, with 2 parts: 4a- community support : link to the mailing list 4b- paid support : link to the BibLibre webpage dedicated to Coral (
  5. Adding on the main page that CORAL means (Centralized Online Resources Acquisition and Licensing), as told on the homepage of the software
  6. Remove all “text images”, like “Welcome to a flexible, innovative and intuitive ERMS”
  7. create a multilingual version of the website (I’ll take care of the french), by translating all Drupal articles to languages. Adding a language sorter at bottom
  8. rewrite the About page : say it’s been started by UND, and is now managed by a worldwide community. separate more clearly functional / technical / licence paragraph
  9. (later) clean/rewrite the Download page = provide everything in one package, put some infos about set-up directly here.
  10. live demo : move it to (BibLibre can host it if you want). On this demo, we could load the default database, and reset it every sunday (that’s what we do on koha demo. Very handy: ppl can do what they want, and if they break something, next monday, everything is OK again, no need to check !)
  11. add a news block on the homepage (and a news menu between home and about). Pierre, BibLibre communication man would announce some news at least once a month (for sure, the Coral community will have something to say every month : the ER&L meeting, new users, coming new features, ...)
  12. add page listing CORAL users and the modules they are using (this can be done via form submission from the users)
  13. add page(s) for training videos, and presentations made by users